[Zope] Javascript rendering problem?

Bruno Grampa bgrampa at hal.varese.it
Wed Feb 1 18:21:48 EST 2006

i've what i think is a rendering problem checked on Zope 2.8.5 and Zope 
2.9 (tried on unix and windows os):
download from microsoft website the sdk for Windows Media Center 
Inside there is a folder called HTML Templates. There you can find some 
html pages designed to be seen on media center. You can normally view 
them using IE. Now transfer the entire directory inside Zope; if you 
open the default.htm files the highlight of buttons and objects is not 
anymore working. IE doesn't complain about any errors, it just don't 
work. I've tried uploading the same directory to Apache and pages are 
working. These files are full of javascript but i really can't 
understand what's happening.


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