[Zope] inheritance and aqusition question

Roman Klesel roman_plonemail at lotuseyes.de
Fri Feb 3 06:36:54 EST 2006


im just learning zope and python and find it difficult to get the details of aquisition and inheritance.
I have the following problem:

(FS product)

My base class has an attribute manage_editSettingsForm
In its __init__ method I instantiate a contoller class.
In the methods of the controller class can access self.manage_edtiSettingsForm (fine)
Now I instantiate a importSingle class in a method of the controller class.
In the methods of the importSingle class I cannot access self.manage_edtiSettingsForm (why?)

Controller class:

from Acquisition import Implicit
from Globals import InitializeClass, Persistent
from Products.PythonScripts.Utility import allow_class, allow_module
from AccessControl import ClassSecurityInfo
from OFS.SimpleItem import SimpleItem
from OFS.ObjectManager import ObjectManager
from Products.BTreeFolder2.BTreeFolder2 import BTreeFolder2
from Lasttest import Lasttest
import sys, os, urllib, commands, re, types
import LTimport


class Controller(Implicit,ObjectManager, SimpleItem):


importSingle Class:

from Globals import InitializeClass
from Acquisition import Implicit
import os,re

class importSingle(Implicit):

I tried subclassing form SimpleItem and ObjectManager but it didn't work.
What is required that inheritance will work?

Greetings Roman

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