[Zope] inheritance and aqusition question

Andrew Milton akm at theinternet.com.au
Fri Feb 3 08:22:49 EST 2006

+-------[ Roman Klesel ]----------------------
| Hello Andrew,
| thanks for your reply.
| Andrew Milton schrieb:
| > 
| > One (or more) of the following two;
| > 
| > Your class isn't yet fully instantiated and Acquisition wrapped, this normally
| > doesn't occur until your class is inside the ZODB. 
| That's true! And it's nor supposed to be. It's only a temporary Object that's being destroyed
| after the method in which it's created has finished processing.


| Probably I just do things in the wrong way. What I wnat to do is:
| In the temporary object:
| try:
|    h=open('file',r)
| except:
|    em = 'File %s does not exist' % file
|    return REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect(self.manage_editSettings(REQUEST), em)

redirect should take a URL (i.e. a string), not a rendered page...

| the calling Object then would pass it to the browser ...
| ... in order to do some exception handling.
| is there an other way to redirect to the settigs Form when an error occurs in this nonpersistent object?

Since your class is already assuming things (manage_editSettings e.g.), 

a) pass in a parent object that is wrapped and call parentObj.manage_editSettings.. 
b) or more cleanly call parentObj.errorOccurred(message) which would do the redirect, 
c) or even more cleanly you could raise an exception, and catch it in the parent class, then redirect.

Andrew Milton
akm at theinternet.com.au

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