[Zope] Re: ZEO disconnects, Zope auto restarts (via zopectl)

Florent Guillaume fg at nuxeo.com
Fri Feb 3 09:52:25 EST 2006

Dennis Allison wrote:
> We are seeing spontaneous restarts of Zope with no indication in any of 
> the standard Zope logs.  Looking at the ZEO log indicates that the 
> restarts of Zope are due to a lost connection between Zope & ZEO but 
> with no other information.  The logging level is set at the distribution 
> default (INFO).
> The restarts are a huge problem because session variables are not
> persistent and so all of the user state they contain is lost on restart.
> In our statful implementation, this is a major problem.  I want to adjust 
> the configuration so that the Zope/ZEO connection is stable.
> In our configuration, Zope and ZEO are linked via localhost on a
> distinguished port.
> I've Googled about looking for some infomation about tuning the ZEO/Zope 
> interface, but have found little real information.   Some additional log
> detail would be helpful.

Once established, connections between ZEO server and Zope should be totally 
stable. I'd investigate network or firewall problems, and I'd start by using 
a network trace to find out what's happening at the TCP and IP levels.


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