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> Peter Bengtsson wrote:
>> Zope objects don't have a creation date, but they have a modification
>> date which is called bobobase_modification_time which is a callable
>> function. This can't be modified as far as I know other than setting
>> this date to todays date and time. Don't rely on this date for
>> anything.
>> You're better off setting your own date on every object. How you do
>> this depends but if you use Plone it shouldn't be hard if you use
>> archetypes.
> Stock CMF content stores the creation data in a separate attribute,
> 'creation_data'.  That attribute has mo "mutator" method, and therefore
> cannot be assigned by untrusted code.  You should be able to set the
> value from an ExternalMethod, however.

Since the original posting was a cross-posting from the plone-users list I 
assume that we are talking about a Plone specific issue. And ATContentTypes
defines the setCreationDate() mutator for that...but I explained that to the
asker already two times but he seems to death on both ears :-/


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