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bruno desthuilliers bruno at modulix.org
Mon Feb 6 05:09:23 EST 2006

azzouz wrote:
> Hi,
> In our institut customer administration want to manage editing updating
> and modifying web page under zope with account authentification. There
> aren't supposed to know html, dmtl, zpt language. Are there tools to
> allow them do those actions under text format which will fill the web
> content of our web site under zope plateform.

Some possible solutions that comes to mind:
- using stx or rst format
- using ZWiki -  it has support for different wiki syntaxes, and the API
seems quite clean, so integrating it in another Zope app may be quite
possible (I'm actually investigating this solution for our intranet)
- using Epoz, Kupu, TinyMCE or any other 'WYSWYG' html editor. A first
start could be the EpozDocument product.

bruno desthuilliers
bruno at modulix.org

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