[Zope] can't find template (newbie)

Barry Drake bldrake at adaptcs.com
Mon Feb 6 08:44:03 EST 2006

Look in portal_skins/portal_templates.  The headers
and footers are there.  If you plan to customize a
template you'll have to click the customize button. 
This will make a copy of the template in
portal_skins/custom.  After clicking the customize
button the template will be opened in your browser at
that "directory".

BTW, this question should have been asked in the Plone
mailing list.  Please join that mailing list and ask
Plone specific questions there.  You'll get prompt and
courteous responses there as well :-)

Barry Drake

--- David De Maeyer wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have been given to look at a website running on
> Zope
> for one of our partner. The site has been installed
> by
> a developer who since left that partner. The
> installation is as often undocumented which doesn't
> really help me getting through the setup.
> Zope 2.7.5 is installed, CMF 1.4 as well.
> All I need to do is to modify the address of our
> partner which appears at the bottom of page when you
> go on their home page. Simple... well I thought it
> would be...
> I did a search within the Zope file system on the
> server hoping I would find the template used to
> generate the index_html but I could't found any file
> containing the address but a siteroot_view.pt file.
> However this file doesn't seem to be the one I am
> looking for. I modified it, restarted Zope, checked
> the page (after cleaning my browser cache)... but I
> can't see the change I have made.
> I then logged on the CMS site to check if the footer
> could be changed from there; it cannot be changed. I
> can modify some portion of the page but not the
> footer. 
> I then logged on the Zope Management Interface and
> tried to understand where the footer could be
> defined
> but with no success.
> Taking a look to the log files didn't help neither;
> Nor to the Zope/CMF manuals.
> I am basically out of ideas! Any help to figure out
> how to find that template will be appreciated!!
> Any idea where to locate that template or modify
> that
> template? Could it be that the template is only
> stored
> in the Zope DB and not accessible/visible as text
> file? I must have missed something...
> Best regards,
> David
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