[Zope] Help with a simple DMS

Joshua Gilbert joshuacgilbert at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 19:12:36 EST 2006


I'd like to make a simple DMS, users upload their
PDFs/docs/ps/whatever and then they can search within the documents.

I need to be able to automate the submission of documents as I'm part
of a large research lab, we've accumulated a lot of papers over the

Other than that I'd like a nice, simple authentication scheme. That's
about it. Dead simple.

Please help.

I've got an instance of Zope running, with Plone. The plethora of
tools is bewildering to me and I don't know what to use.

I am a Python programmer (three years now I think) but I'd like to
minimize the amount of code I have to write. Simplicity and ease of
use are my watchwords.

If Zope doesn't provide what I'm looking for, can you suggest anything else?

Thank you.

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