[Zope] Help with a simple DMS

J Cameron Cooper zope-l at jcameroncooper.com
Tue Feb 7 19:35:13 EST 2006

Joshua Gilbert wrote:
> On 2/7/06, J Cameron Cooper <zope-l at jcameroncooper.com> wrote:
>>Joshua Gilbert wrote:
>>>I'd like to make a simple DMS, users upload their
>>>PDFs/docs/ps/whatever and then they can search within the documents.
>>I believe TextIndexNG will index contents of complex file types.
> OK, that's great. Where do I find documentation to tell me how to set
> up the site?

According to http://opensource.zopyx.biz/OpenSource/TextIndexNG3

"Ready-for-Plone (refer to installation notes in doc/README.txt)"

>>>I need to be able to automate the submission of documents as I'm part
>>>of a large research lab, we've accumulated a lot of papers over the
>>What exactly does "automate the submission of documents" mean?
> I mean that I have a great deal of papers. I can't go through web
> forms to add all of these documents. I would like to be able to submit
> them through an automated process, I can't go through web forms by
> hand to add them all.
> I'm trying to convince my lab that this is a useful product. If I ask
> them to submit their papers one at a time I'll lose the argument and
> we won't use Zope.

Use WebDAV, FTP, or Enfold Desktop. There are other methods, but these 
are easiest.

"Building Websites with Plone"

Enfold Systems, LLC

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