[Zope] Re: htaccess with zope/plone ?

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Feb 8 17:55:43 EST 2006

michael nt milne wrote:
> Sorry but there's alot of Apache knowledge here and it's completely
> relevant. 

No it isn't, if you want to use Apache auth, go ask on an Apache forum.
You don't, but you think you do, and you won't listen to anyone, which 
is annoying in its own right...

> Also Zope doesn't do SSL well 

Zope doesn't do SSL at all, there's no point. Secure transport and 
authentication have little to do with each other...

> and all password - login is
> basically insecure! 

Not if it's over SSL...

> I've found out that  I'm best using httpd.conf and
> not htaccess . Also irc.freenode is unusable.

Oh don't be so rediculous...


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