[Zope] Re: htaccess with zope/plone ?

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Feb 8 18:00:16 EST 2006

michael nt milne wrote:
> ok, I've gone into the security tab in the site root and set 'view' to
> 'authenticated' whilst de-selecting aquire. 


> However, using the password that
> gets me into the overall 8080/manage doesn't work.

Huh? Can you provide any less information, or maybe make it a bit 
vaguer? ;-)

>  Also the front page still
> comes up if you cancel the login box and the page displays without css. 

Then you still haven't sorted your permissions properly...

> This
> shouldn't happen with view set to authenticated.

Then _you're_ doing something wrong, 'cos it works just fine for the 
rest of us...


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