[Zope] proxy roles on Product methods

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Feb 8 18:04:51 EST 2006

Palermo, Tom wrote:
> Is it possible to set proxy roles on methods located in Zope Products. 

Not really, why do you think you need to?

> see them in a sitemap (uses dtml-tree). However, I've got an edit_html
> method located in a Zope product that then needs to use stuff in one of the
> folders that has "View" set to off for that user (who's running edit_html).

If the code is in a disk-based class method, security won't be coming 
into play.

What errors are you seeing?
(if you get an auth box, consider hitting cancel or enabling verbose 
security in zope.conf, restarting and trying again)



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