[Zope] major problems placing authentication on an extranet site-security flaw?

Sascha Welter zopelist at betabug.ch
Thu Feb 9 04:30:38 EST 2006

(Wed, Feb 08, 2006 at 12:00:07PM -0500) zope-request at zope.org wrote/schrieb/egrapse:
> From: michael nt milne <michael.milne at gmail.com>
> Subject: [Zope] major problems placing authentication on an extranet
> 	site-security flaw?
> I have major problems here trying to set-up authentication over a whole
> Plone site using Zope. 

You are aware that there is a Plone mailing list? And that Plone handles
many things in special ways different from "stock", plain Zope (e.g. 
having Groups of users)?

> Using my superuser account I've navigated to the site
> root page in the ZMI where it lists all the site pages and objects etc. I've
> then gone into security, scrolled down to the bottom and for the 'View'
> option I have tried all combinations of 'Manager', 'Authenticated' and
> 'Aquire'. It simply won't work.

plone.org had fine tutorials and howtos for setting up closed plone sites
last time I looked.

> I get a pop-up box but the superuser manager pass doesn't work. Then, even

A pop-up box? Plone doesn't use that. You either have murked up your
setup completely or you have set up stuff that you are not telling us.

> I find the Zope security, permissions set-up hideously complex and unusable
> to be honest and it doesn't even seem to work.

That is the proper attitude to get help. For some people always all the
world is at fault. For other people their own lack of understanding
turns to the revelation that it's *their* lack and they can do something
about it.



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