[Zope] missing add version in Zope

Luca Dall'Olio luca.dallolio at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 12:38:57 EST 2006

I have been looking (almost) everywhere, but I can't find the "Version" 
line in the main combo box (the one for adding products).
This means that I cannot start working in a Version.
I can't find the "Add Version" line in the security tab, either.
In Control Panel I can see the Version Management, which is, of course, 

Zope Version
(Zope 2.9.0-, python 2.4.2, sunos5)

Python Version
2.4.2 (#1, Oct 3 2005, 01:55:05) [GCC 3.3.2]

System Platform

Cookies are enabled on browser (Firefox and IE6)

Any hint would be greatly appreciated, Thanks In Advance!


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