[Zope] Session Variables Redux

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Thu Feb 9 13:37:24 EST 2006

Dennis Allison wrote at 2006-2-8 11:16 -0800:
> ....
>The problem we see is a sudden disappearance of all, one, or a small 
>number of session variables.

You already reported this and I replied that it is virtually
impossible to lose part of the session variables:

  The session container is a uniform map from keys to values.
  Loading and storing always happens to the complete map.
  You cannot lose some keys but keep others.

What would be possible in principle (although it is very unlikely)
is that some of your ZODB connections would contain some
old state for session objects (this would mean a fault in
the ZODB's invalidation handling). As invalidation handling
is generic (independent of the storage), one should see similar
problems all over the place (and not only with sessions).

Furthermore, we make heavy use of sessions and did not observe
problems as described by you. True, we use our own "Transience"
implementation, but we are using the stock "TransientObject"
and this is responsible for keeping or losing individual
session variables.

Almost surely, the problem you observe is specific for your


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