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Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Thu Feb 9 19:01:15 EST 2006

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Peter Evans wrote:
> I am Zope newbie so please bear with me. As a part of my job I just
> inherited control of an extremely old Zope server running on FreeBSD. I
> would like to move to a new instance of Zope runninf on Windows Server 2003.
> So basically I need help transferring all the data from the old box to the
> new one.

How old?  What version of Zope / Python show up on your brwoser when you
visit the "Control_Panel" in the ZMI?

> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The process should go something like this:

 1. Get a "new" installation of Zope (preferably the same version of
    Zope / Python as the old box) running on the new machine, and
    verify that you can manage it.

 2. Get any supporting Python libraries or extensionsn in use on the old
    machine installed on the new one.  To determine them, look in the
    'site-packages' directory of the standard Python library,  as well
    as the 'lib/python' subdirectory of your Zope "instance home".

 3. Get the add-on products used on the old box installed on the new
    one.  Look in the 'Products' subdirectory of your Zope "instance

 4. Finally, shut down Zope on the both boxes. Copy the 'Data.fs*' files
    from the 'var' subdirectory of the "instance home" on the old box
    to the equivalent 'var' directory on the new box.  Start Zope on the
    new box, and verify that the instance looks OK>

 5. Now, start upgrading the various bits of software incrementally on
    the new box, beginning with Zope and Python, then the libraries, and
    finally the Products.  Test the site after each upgrade.

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