[Zope] about zope and mouse event handling

Tino Wildenhain tino at wildenhain.de
Fri Feb 10 16:32:29 EST 2006

Floyd May schrieb:
> On 2/10/06, Tino Wildenhain <tino at wildenhain.de> wrote:
>>... maybe if there is a chapter about
>>image manipulation on the fly with PIL (python imaging lib)
> I believe that Plone (or Plohn as it seems to be called by Zope people
> ;-) ) has some product(s) somewhere that make use of PIL.  Here's a
> VERY brief page on it:
> http://plone.org/documentation/tutorial/richdocument/pil
> It's definitely possible to hook PIL into Zope, and it's been done in
> the past.  You should be able to find some documentation or perhaps a
> product or two that uses it.

I never said it would not be possible (I'm using PIL for some projects)
but I'm a bit uncertain if the OP will be capable of doing it in a
short time given the horizont of his question.

I home though, hinting on the possible solution path should give him
a perspective to dig into the right documentations.


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