[Zope] Progress bar for file upload

Tarek Ziadé tziade at nuxeo.com
Mon Feb 13 04:32:59 EST 2006

Andrew Milton wrote:

>The actual submission is to a small CGI that handles updating the status inside 
>Zope via XMLRPC (you could also update a response file that the product could
>check as well, but, that's just more files that have to be written to and
>removed), when it's complete it passes in the location of the file(s) to the
>Zope Product so it can process them further (by spawning a worker thread, so
>you don't stop Zope from responding to requests).
oh k. i am trying to add this directly to the publisher, by providing
 a set of api and keeping running request state.

>Part of the product also just draws a status graph giving a message saying
>what is happening and what the progress is, if there's more processing to be
>done (parsing or whatever), the graph can continue to be updated.
nice. in my use case it's a simple progress bar below the form

>When I said outside the box, I was pretty serious about being outside the box
>d8) Obviously you need to have some webserver available that can run CGIs, and
>talk to Zope, and (in this case is local to Zope for the file handling to
>work). It doesn't have to be in front of Zope.
yes, i've seen some similar systems to deal with large file upload
is you product avalaible ?


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