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Mon Feb 13 06:47:02 EST 2006

--On 13. Februar 2006 12:38:12 +0100 santiago <chetzacoalt at free.fr> wrote:

> hello
> I'm looking for information on how to optimise a zope server :
> -what should I check in order to see what is slowing the server
> -what can I customise to make it run faster
> and so on.
> are there some source of information of this kind if topics ?

The six-line version:

 - don't write dumb code
 - use cache managers
 - disable debug-mode in zope.conf
 - use front-side cache (Apache, Squid)
 - adjust ZODB cache
 - don't use XXXXX

There are a lot of issues that can have an impact on the performance.
If you have a particular case you should first profile the related
code (using PTProfiler, ZopeProfiler).

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