[Zope] Progress bar for file upload

Tarek Ziadé tziade at nuxeo.com
Mon Feb 13 08:03:33 EST 2006

Andrew Milton wrote:

>+-------[ Tarek Ziad? ]----------------------
>| Andrew Milton wrote:
>| >The actual submission is to a small CGI that handles updating the status inside 
>| >Zope via XMLRPC (you could also update a response file that the product could
>| >check as well, but, that's just more files that have to be written to and
>| >removed), when it's complete it passes in the location of the file(s) to the
>| >Zope Product so it can process them further (by spawning a worker thread, so
>| >you don't stop Zope from responding to requests).
>| >  
>| >
>| oh k. i am trying to add this directly to the publisher, by providing
>|  a set of api and keeping running request state.
>Yeah ugly. I don't think distributing a Product that monkey-patches ZPublisher
>would be all that warmly received d8)
I was not talking about doing a monkey patch there, but add a feature
within the publisher.

>| >Part of the product also just draws a status graph giving a message saying
>| >what is happening and what the progress is, if there's more processing to be
>| >done (parsing or whatever), the graph can continue to be updated.
>| >
>| >  
>| >
>| nice. in my use case it's a simple progress bar below the form
>You could probably do that too using some JavaScript if you wanted, the API 
>is all available in Zope. I'm not a 'front-end' type of guy, my main concern
>is to make sure it works so that people can put whatever frontend they want on
they are two distinctive part to do that:
1/the client side, wich gets asynchronous feedback from the server, that
is javascript or whatever.
2/ the server side that keep track of a given request state. (getting
data / processing)
   (that's the missing part, that you probably did with another cgi
server on seperate thread)

>| >When I said outside the box, I was pretty serious about being outside the box
>| >d8) Obviously you need to have some webserver available that can run CGIs, and
>| >talk to Zope, and (in this case is local to Zope for the file handling to
>| >work). It doesn't have to be in front of Zope.
>| >  
>| >
>| yes, i've seen some similar systems to deal with large file upload
>| is you product avalaible ?
>The code is quite old, so I'm currently making sure it still works, and
>sanitizing it for public consumption. Give me a day or two, to clean it up,
>add a simple demo, and write up some docs about how to use it. My days are
>currently consumed with visiting recruiters who are in the way of actual jobs
>(unfortunately not Zope related ones).
Don't waste your time for me about it, i would just have had a look to
see how it's done, but
i am not planning to use it soon



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