[Zope] Progress bar for file upload

Tarek Ziadé tziade at nuxeo.com
Mon Feb 13 08:36:21 EST 2006

Andrew Milton wrote:

>| >Yeah ugly. I don't think distributing a Product that monkey-patches ZPublisher
>| >would be all that warmly received d8)
>| I was not talking about doing a monkey patch there, but add a feature
>| within the publisher.
>I was referring to my code, not your code d8)
>No, I didn't. There's only one CGI to handle the upload. The rest is inside
>the Zope Product, which tracks the state of each upload. You can call
>and get a number from 0.0 to 100.0. There's also methods to get error messages etc.
>I'm just too lazy to write a nifty front-end to it d8) I'm sure someone else 
>will and I can just add that to the codebase...
ah ok, if i get it right you've patched the publisher to plug your
code that let the product get the upload state of a given request.
so beside the CGI stuff it's pretty close to what i want to do

>| >The code is quite old, so I'm currently making sure it still works, and
>| >sanitizing it for public consumption. Give me a day or two, to clean it up,
>| >add a simple demo, and write up some docs about how to use it. My days are
>| >currently consumed with visiting recruiters who are in the way of actual jobs
>| >(unfortunately not Zope related ones).
>| >
>| >  
>| >
>| Don't waste your time for me about it, i would just have had a look to
>| see how it's done, but
>| i am not planning to use it soon
>A few people have expressed interest in it, so I'll get it scrubbed up and
>released. At least the next time someone asks, there's somewhere to point them
>to d8)
cool, i'll watch for that :)

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