[Zope] context and URLs

Ole Johan Tennvassås oj.tennvassaas at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 16:50:31 EST 2006

Sorry for late reply - have been away.

Cant get this to work!  I hope I can avoid to use an absolute URL path.
What i want is, as you say, to let the server generate as much of the URL as
possible. To be more spesific, the zpt whith the calling href (located in
"folderA") calls a script with a construct  like this:
<a tal:attributes="href
The effect of this is that Zope generates a link to the URL
http://myserver/application/folderA/folderB/scriptobject?... and after this
link is used to call the script in folderB, the script calls a zpt in
folderA again.  Now, all links in this zpt gets /folderB added in their
path! If you have some more tips about this, or could point me to some
examples or documentation that could explain to me how this is supposed to
work, it would be great!


>Instead of writing links like this::
> <a href="folderB/object">object</a>
>write them like this::
> <a tal:attributes="href folderB/object/absolute_url_path">object</a>
>I know it's more typing but it will solve all your problems. I always
>let the server have a part in generating URLs and I never suffer from
>problems like this.
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