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--On 14. Februar 2006 14:31:21 +0000 michael nt milne 
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>>> No idea...I won't spend any time on windows issues at this point.
>>> Life-is-too-short-to-waste-it-with-windows-issues,
> Well of course Windows isn't the ideal platform and sucks on many levels
> but the fact that many, many, businesses have their own Windows small
> business server boxes in house and can install and base their small to
> medium traffic sites on then, means that in reality, anti-Windows
> snobbishness doesn't really get you anywhere on a business level. Even
> though it has a logical core.

Well, my first job back in the mid-90s was a position as developer for
windows network drivers. At that time Microsoft produced tons of erroneous
documentation and they lied to developers at conferences. Since that time
Microsoft is just a disgusting company and as result I try to get around 
Windows wherever I can...just for protocol.


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