[Zope] workflow products

Michael Vartanyan pycry at doli.biz
Tue Feb 14 19:01:13 EST 2006

We use Openflow:


to manage enormous workflows with many dozens of states/activities and 
hundreds of process instances going through. Works well when you find 
your way to use it. Some points to consider if you are considering using 
it for something serious:

- it is not very actively developed/maintained at present
- the documentation is not detailed/usable enough, you'll have to "read 
the source" to find out how things work sometimes
- one needs to think more than twice about how to store workitem data 
and how to bind it to the workflow instance - otherwise it'll bite badly 
when you have hundreds of process instances ant thousands of workitems 
in your system
- openflow heavily relies on Catalog. When upgrading Zope or installing 
new indices etc test thoroughly what you have in your workflow for integrity
- do not trust the visual design tool (the OpenFlow Editor), check your 
activities/transitions yourself.


Palermo, Tom wrote:

> All,
> Are there any workflow products available for Zope 2.x that do not 
> require either Plone or CMF? It looks like there aren't but I thought 
> I'd ask first.
> Thanks,
> Tom

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