[Zope] Memory Leak Debugging

Jonathan Bowlas me at jonbowlas.com
Wed Feb 15 06:49:03 EST 2006

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Subject: [Zope] Memory Leak Debugging

Hi All,

We're having serious problems with performance running Silva CMS on Zope
2.7.8-final, python 2.3.5, linux2 set up on a machine with 2.5GB RAM. There
are currently only about 65 users and around 2000 documents in the CMS but
it seems to run for a week, then the RAM fills up and crashes so we have to
restart the server manually.

The Zope logs aren't much help as I enquired on the Zope list and their
response was we need more RAM. But surely 2.5GB is enough.

I've also checked Control_Panel/DebugInfo for any refcounts with significant
jumps and Products.Silva.Image.Image seems to be the culprit:
                                       11.32am  11.36am
Products.Silva.Image.Image             56203    58153          +1950
Acquisition.ImplicitAcquirerWrapper    44825    45151          +326

So we've tried to figure out which kind of request triggers these refcount
jumps by creating a separate instance with a very small ZODB Cache (so it
gets filled up soon), and clicked around a little, watching the refcounts
but we cannot seem to replicate it.

So basically this is a plea for help from an expert Zope debugger who can
assist us in finding the source of the problem so we can resolve it. Or
alternatively someone who can give us a set of instructions that we can
follow that will enable us to locate the problem, I've googled it and there
are no clear answers.

FYI we have the following products installed on our Zope instance.

Annotations 0.4.3
DocFinderTab (0.5.2)
External Method-1-0-0
FileSystemSite 1.4.2
Formulator 1.10
Groups 0.4
IssueTrackerProduct (0.6.13)
LDAPUserFolder (2.3)
ParsedXML 1.4
PlacelessTranslationService (1.0)
ProxyIndex 1.2
Silva 1.4.1
SilvaBlog 0.4.2
SilvaCustomAutoTOC 0.9
SilvaDocument 1.4.1
SilvaDocumentPatches 1.3b6-1
SilvaExtETHLDAP 0.7
SilvaExternalSources 0.10.3
SilvaMetadata 0.10
SilvaNewsNetwork 2.0
SilvaReferenceChecker 0.2
SilvaStylesheets 0.6.2
SilvaUCLAttributes 0.7 - (A UCL product*)
Silva UCL Gallery 0.1 - (A UCL product*)
SilvaUCLSubjectAudienceFilters 0.6 - (A UCL product*)
SilvaViews 0.11
SiteErrorLog Sprout 0.6.2
Tropos (1.9.12)
XMLWidgets-Pluggable 0.13 (CVS/UNRELEASED)
ZMySQLDA 2.0.8
ZReST (1.1)
Zope Tutorial 1.2
kupu 1.3.2 
z3locales 0.1

If you require any further information do not hesitate to ask.

Hope someone can help.

Jon Bowlas
University College London

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