[Zope] Memory Leak Debugging

Andrew Milton akm at theinternet.com.au
Wed Feb 15 07:20:11 EST 2006

+-------[ Jonathan Bowlas ]----------------------
| Hi All,
| We're having serious problems with performance running Silva CMS on Zope
| 2.7.8-final, python 2.3.5, linux2 set up on a machine with 2.5GB RAM. There
| are currently only about 65 users and around 2000 documents in the CMS but
| it seems to run for a week, then the RAM fills up and crashes so we have to
| restart the server manually.
| The Zope logs aren't much help as I enquired on the Zope list and their
| response was we need more RAM. But surely 2.5GB is enough.
| I've also checked Control_Panel/DebugInfo for any refcounts with significant
| jumps and Products.Silva.Image.Image seems to be the culprit:
|                                        11.32am  11.36am
| Products.Silva.Image.Image 		   56203 	58153 	   +1950
| Acquisition.ImplicitAcquirerWrapper	   44825 	45151 	   +326

Is there a possibility something is webcrawling your site?

Andrew Milton
akm at theinternet.com.au

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