[Zope] VerboseSecurity and zope 2.8.5

Stefan H. Holek stefan at epy.co.at
Wed Feb 15 12:08:15 EST 2006

If this is Plone, you also need to tell error_log not to ignore  
Unauthorized and clear the Login page ID in cookie_authentication.  
See <http://plone.org/debug-unauthorized>


On 15. Feb 2006, at 14:39, Peter Bengtsson wrote:

> I'm not getting any verbose security messages in my zope 2.8.5.
> zope.conf reads:
> security-policy-implementation python
> verbose-security on
> I'm trying to log in as a user but get rejected which is probably
> because I've incorrectly configured one method or object to require
> one permission too many.
> I've tried looking in error_log, event.log and the printed output from
> ./bin/runzope
> Any ideas?

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