[Zope] Granting access by reading http headers

Marc Schnapp lists at servicemarc.com
Wed Feb 15 18:35:59 EST 2006

We're running Plone for internal departmental use. I'm going to lock 
down most of the content, requiring a login to view sensitive documents. 
But I also want our Google Mini appliance to crawl all content. The 
problem is that the appliance does not accept cookies. So Plone and Zope 
don't recognize a user account as the crawler attempts to move through 
I am thinking of granting the Google Mini appliance "transparent" access 
by reading the http headers of incoming requests and granting access if:
  - the header includes the correct client string
  - The IP address of the requesting machine is owned by the Google Mini 


1) Is this approach viable? (What are the pitfalls?)

2) What python module is consulted to determine access rights when a 
page request is made?

2) Is this difficult to implement if one has rudimentary Python skills? 
(Or is there already sample code out there to do something like this? I 
couldn't find any.)
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