[Zope] installing PIL on Window Zope

Tino Wildenhain tino at wildenhain.de
Thu Feb 16 03:47:21 EST 2006

Allen Huang schrieb:
> I want to install PIL into zope but I couldn't use the installation package since python that came with zope isn't register on windows. 
>   so I installed python 2.3 seperately and I found some artical on the zope website and it said to 
>    -  decompress and PIL package and move
>    -  Copy the PIL folder and the pil.pth file from your Python folder into: YourZopeFolder/lib/python 
>    -  Copy _imaging.pyd, _imagingtk.pyd, tk83.dll and tcl83.dll into YourZopeFolder/bin/DLLs
>    -  Copy PIL folder in Zope\lib\python\PIL
>   I did all that but I'm not sure if PIL now work with zope or not...

I dont know why people like it so complicated :-) You simply install
windows python in the same version your zope uses (also
add win32 extensions with the nice IDE at will) as well as your
PIL package. Then just change the path to the python interpreter in
your Zope installation to the system python and viola.

>   I started importing External Script using PIL but all I get is -- 'module' object has no attribute 'Image'
>   Can someone tell me how I can check if PIL works?

I'd go to the examples section. On the PIL website.

>   Does anyone have a simple PIL coding I could use?

I believe the zope book, section advanced scripting
has some examples.


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