[Zope] Error Value: 'File' object has no attribute 'manage_fixupOwnershipAfterAdd'

Stefan H. Holek stefan at epy.co.at
Thu Feb 16 07:48:04 EST 2006

Please learn to read and to provide the *complete* traceback. The  
error text alone is not enough most of the time.

Your error *may* mean that 'system' is not yet wrapped. Are your  
positive that 'system' is a folder that already exists in the ZODB,  
i.e. has already been _setObject'ed?


On 16. Feb 2006, at 13:33, Roman Klesel wrote:

> when I now do:
> system.manage_addProduct['OFSP'].manage_addFile(fid,
> 			title='',
> 			file=cpu_load,
> 			content_type='text/plain',
> 			precondition='')
> I get:
> AttributeError: _getProducts

Anything that happens, happens.  --Douglas Adams

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