[Zope] Zope 2.9 and SSL

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Fri Feb 17 04:32:28 EST 2006

Ron Bickers wrote:
> Both lighty and Apache use OpenSSL.

Good point ;-)

> I'm using it and haven't seen any 
> battlefield casualties so far. ;-)  Apache has its share of (even recent) 
> security issues, including some related to mod_ssl. 

Honestly, I see that as a good thing! It's a bit like the old "macs 
never get exploited" argument, it's not because there aren't exploits 
there, it's because not enough people use them for someone to stumble 
across them ;-)

> Lighty seems to be 
> fitting well for those that need a smaller, simpler server, which is why I 
> mentioned it.  I'll leave it as an exercise for the interested to determine 
> if they want to use it.

True, and simplicity does often make for more security and so, while I'd 
stick with Apache for the reasons already mentioned, I retract my 
comment about lighttpd...


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