[Zope] proxy roles don't get passed down a method call chain?

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Fri Feb 17 04:29:29 EST 2006

Tres Seaver wrote:
>> IIRC, if you had scripta calling scriptb, you used to be able to give
>> scripta a proxy role and scriptb would also execute with that role.
>> However, again IIRC, in current Zope releases, if you give scripta a
>> proxy role, when it calls scriptb, scriptb will just run with the roles
>> of the current user.
>> Have I got this right? If so, I wonder why the change was made...
> The only change I recall to how proxy roles work is that proxy roles
> used to *augment* a users' roles;  now they *replace* them.

Yeah, I wonder if that means if you give it a proxy role of manager, it 
looses all other roles?

> I don't know that the case you are talking about (S1 has proxy roles,
> calls protected S2 fine,

Okay, S2 here is "some permission-protected method where the current 
user doesn't have the required permission"...

> but fails when calling PR-less S3 which calls
> S2) ever worked under either scenario. 

Oh well, I could have sworn it did at one point :-/

> Proxy roles have always only
> been checked for the "topmost" object on the executable stack (S1 in the
> first example, S2 in the second).

Is it something worth adding as a feature request or are there security 
implications I'm missing?


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