[Zope] Granting access by reading http headers (Consulting opportunity)

Marc Schnapp lists at servicemarc.com
Fri Feb 17 15:19:02 EST 2006

Thanks for the approach!  We will be using Apache as the proxy.

> So if the conditions match: client-ip = your special crawler
> and useragent = your crawler -> RequestHeader set Cookie ...
Am I writing a cookie that Plone would recognize as the "Google mini" 
Plone user?  Would you know where is the documentation for the  user 

> Ah, and btw. maybe you just use ZCatalog and skip using
> external crawler :-)
Of course I could do that. ;)
But we are hosting static html pages served up by Apache separately and 
I want an integrated search facility with topnotch filters and rendering 
for PDF and MS Office files.

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