[Zope] unbuffered response.write through Apache 2.0 reverse proxy?

Christoph Berendes berendes at netalyst.com
Sat Feb 18 03:59:45 EST 2006

To prevent browser timeout during a long running process, I've got the 
following code to work nicely,when the browser accesses Zope directly 
(e.g. http://myzope.net:8080/folder/client001/)

#do some stuff
#do some more stuff

However, when browser goes through the Apache reverse proxy, e.g.

<VirtualHost *:80>
 ServerAlias   site1.foobar.com
   RewriteRule ^/(.*) \

I get all three writes (progressing..further...done!) at once, at the 
end of the processing.

I'm running Apache 2.0, Zope. 2.7.6, Plone 2.0.5 on Linux
 From going through Apache docs and discussions (notably 
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/apache/dev/305433), it appears 
that this is an Apache 2.0 problem.

Is there any way to get the same behavior (unbuffered writes) even when 
I go through the Apache reverse proxy?

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