[Zope] Error Value: 'File' object has no attribute 'manage_fixupOwnershipAfterAdd'

Sascha Welter zopelist at betabug.ch
Mon Feb 20 09:16:43 EST 2006

(Thu, Feb 16, 2006 at 12:00:05PM -0500) zope-request at zope.org wrote/schrieb/egrapse:
> From: Roman Klesel <roman_plonemail at lotuseyes.de>
> Still I can't get what I want.
> when I now do:
> system.manage_addProduct['OFSP'].manage_addFile(fid,
> 			title='',
> 			file=cpu_load,
> 			content_type='text/plain',
> 			precondition='')
> I get:
> AttributeError: _getProducts

manage_addFile (and some others like manage_addFolder, ...) work
directly without xy.manage_addProduct[...]. 

That part is in the Zope book.

The syntax with manage_addProduct[... is used for filesystem based
products (like the stuff you have in your instances "Products" folder).



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