[Zope] LocalFS problem

Fernando Martins fernando at cmartins.demon.nl
Mon Feb 20 18:37:09 EST 2006


I'm using LocalFS 1.7rc? and Zope 2.8.? in a Suse system. More importantly
for this case, zope is behind Apache 1.39 with module NTLM, through FastCGI,
and users folder is a RemoteUserFolder. mod_rewrite and Virtual Host Monster
is being used do do some URL rewriting.

When I access a file in a LocalFS folder I get the following info, instead
of the pdf file (in this case):

<open file '/work/docs/MyFile.PDF', mode 'rb' at 0x42310974>.

The same file in another folder behind Apache+NTLM works fine.

The LocalFS folder accessed in the past through Apache+mod_rewrite without
NTLM+RemoteUserFolder used to work fine.

The same file in LocalFS accessed through zope directly (another port; no
apache) is delivered fine.

So, the combination Apache+NTLM+FastCGI+RemoteUserFolder with LocalFS isn't
working well.

The only clue I have is that I get the file object description rather than
the file itself.

Any hints?


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