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Nicolas Georgakopoulos nicolasg at vtrip.net
Tue Feb 21 04:57:28 EST 2006

Tino Wildenhain wrote:
> Nicolas Georgakopoulos schrieb:
>> Hello Zopistas,
>> I need a little guidance for a site that must make image processing on
>> the fly.
>> Users should be able to upload image files and after some pixels
>> manipulation they should see the image preview after the changes and
>> download it.
> You should be much more precise about what "some pixels manipulation"
> actually means :-) Writing a drawing program is not so easy I think.
> Maybe with more client side intelligence...
It will not be some kind of drawing program , just some simple changes 
in the pixels values.
>> I have installed PIL successfully for that reason (thanks to smiley
>> Chris) so I can use it as an external method.
> For more then just a single convert (even then) I'd write a complete
> external product. Its much easier to test and install and can do more.
I don't have any experience writing external products... should be easy 
if I finish the python programming part as a simple traditional python 
release and then to implement it as a Zope product ?
>> I have thought to do this implementation uploading the file to the
>> ZopeDB and change it there or should the file be uploaded in the local
>> file system ?
> Actually depends on what you want to do and what you want to do
> after the changes. E.g. do you want to save a complete history
> of the manipulation? Then I'd go ZODB completely. If you dont
> want to save the image, I'd go tempfiles and pass the handles
> to them around the SESSION. (see tempfile module)
> Maybe a combination is apropriate.
Saving the history of the image process  actions it is not required.
Saving the images ... maybe. I will check this tempfile module.
>> either way , what should I know so I can do that ?
> You should experiment with PIL - maybe outside zope.
Im am already experimenting with PIL in a python shell and learning PIL 
it is not my purpose of this mail ;-)
> You should learn how to write a simple python based
> product. 
Will check the Zope book  for that..
> You should read about ZODB programming so
> not to read whole image objects at once.
For what part of my needs should I read about ZODB ? Can't understand  
the "not to read whole image objects at once"

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