[Zope] CMFExternalFile and huge ZODB pickles

Pawel Lewicki lewicki at provider.pl
Wed Feb 22 03:56:55 EST 2006

I have a problem with one Zope application and have no clue what's going 
on. The problem is with one ControlledPage that creates 
CMFExternalFiles. It seems that each file is somehow included in ZODB 
pickle so Data.fs grows very fast. Only packing helps. The side effect 
is that transaction takes quite a long time so conflicts are very common.
I tried to recreate the environment on the other machine and everything 
was fine despite the fact that I used all the same products. The only 
difference was that original app was running on Linux and I did it on 
Any clues?
Products used:
- ExternalFile 1.2.0
- CMFExternalFile 0.5
- Plone 2.0.5
- Zope 2.7.6

BTW, how do you distinct read and write conflicts in event.log? I only have
INFO(0) ZODB conflict error at...


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