[Zope] image processing site quidance...

Nicolas Georgakopoulos nicolasg at vtrip.net
Thu Feb 23 04:57:42 EST 2006

Chris Withers wrote:
> Nicolas Georgakopoulos wrote:
>> I don't have any experience writing external products... should be 
>> easy if I finish the python programming part as a simple traditional 
>> python release and then to implement it as a Zope product ?
> Yeah, sure be easy enough... and we're to help if you run into 
> problems :-)
Thanks (again) Chris :-)
>> For what part of my needs should I read about ZODB ? Can't 
>> understand  the "not to read whole image objects at once"
> Where are you storing your image data?
That's the point , I think it will be easier (for me) if I write a 
python program that is called by Zope external method to make the image 
processing in the local file system.
So the image files should be uploaded in the local files system to be 
processed and then able to be read it from Zope to be displayed and 
downloaded ....
Is there a "strong" reason to do it otherwise  (ZODB) ?
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