[Zope] Re: CMFExternalFile and huge ZODB pickles

Pawel Lewicki lewicki at provider.pl
Thu Feb 23 06:25:52 EST 2006

Chris Withers napisał(a):
> Pawel Lewicki wrote:
>> Any clues?
>> Products used:
>> - ExternalFile 1.2.0
>> - CMFExternalFile 0.5
>> - Plone 2.0.5
> None of these are products I'd trust. Use a ZODB analysis tool to find 
> out the types of objects you have in your database and see which product 
> is causing the issues......

Thanx a lot!!
I hope you got my mail yesterday. I posted it to group too, but I don't 
see it here :(

Analyze.py gives me that result. I wonder if it's caused by bug in any 
of the products or script?

Class Name                   Count    TBytes    Pct AvgSize
-------------------------- ------- ---------  ----- -------
OFS.Folder.Folder             2731 7177565156  95.4% 2628182.04

The only reference to folder I have is: 
folder.manage_addProduct['ExternalFile'].addExternalFile(filename, '', 		 
				'',filepath, '',file)


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