[Zope] Can Zope 2.9 Coexist With Zope 2.6 Using Different Ports?

Thomas Bennett bennetttm at appstate.edu
Thu Feb 23 07:36:40 EST 2006

I'm running Zope 2.8.1-final, python 2.3.5, linux2 and  Zope 2.6.1 python 
2.1.3, linux2 on the same server so I don't see why you cant' also run Zope 
2.9.  More than likely each of your configurations have the same path to the 
lock file.  Edit zopefolder/etc/zope.conf where zopefolder is the name of you 
Zope instance.  Or you need to grant permissions for the user that Zope runs 
as to modify that file or change owner.  See 'man chmod' and 'man chown'. 

from zope.conf

# Directive: lock-filename
# Description:
#     The path to a "lock file" which will be locked by Zope while it's
#     running.  This file is used by zopectl.py to determine if Zope is
#     currently running.  This defaults to CLIENT_HOME/Z2.lock.
# Default: CLIENT_HOME/Z2.lock
# Example:
#    lock-filename /home/chrism/projects/sessions/var/Z2.lock


On Wednesday 22 February 2006 12:59, Mark, Jonathan (Integic) wrote:
> My website GoodbyeJim.com currently runs Zope 2.6 on Red Hat 7.3. I have
> installed Zope 2.9 to use port 3200 instead of 80.
> Does Zope 2 support running two separate instances of two versions of Zope
> on different ports? I have been able to run Zope 3 concurrently with Zope
> 2.6 without problem.
> When I run bin/runzope in my Zope 2.9 home directory I get the following
> error on lock_file.py line 60:
> IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '.../Data.fs.lock'

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