[Zope] Packing data.fs programmatically

Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Fri Feb 24 16:19:44 EST 2006

Ron Bickers wrote:
> On Tue January 31 2006 07:47, Chris Withers wrote:
>>> I do it though the webinterface with a wget from the crontab:
>> Oh, ouch ouch bad fragile pain failure suffering...
>> URL whacking is evil and must be punished...
> How is this different than clicking on the Pack button in the ZMI? 

That's also evil, because yes, it is just URL whacking with a browser...

> What's 
> the solution without ZEO and without having to stop Zope?

You use ZEO. Get over it, it should be how a standard Zope instance is 
set up, IMNSHO...


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