[Zope] Re: Packing data.fs programmatically

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Sat Feb 25 06:15:56 EST 2006

On 25 Feb 2006, at 04:27, Derrick Hudson wrote:
> | Then introduce it, it's simple to set up and adds a world of
> | functionality!
> I could.  I'd have to learn how to work with it :-).  The deployments
> I've worked with are all single uniprocessor machines, thus ZEO
> wouldn't yield a performance improvement.  I should learn ZEO one of
> these days.

Thinking of ZEO just as a "performance improvement" is doing it a  
great disservice. Think of it simply in terms of decoupling the  
appserver from the database server and the flexibility that gives you  
by being able to access the database server separately.


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