[Zope] how can i the height of a image

Alain Barbason alain at barbason.be
Sat Feb 25 07:12:25 EST 2006


in a file  index_html, I search to have the height of a image, but this,
is in a subdirectroy called "images"

After a request of a database, I have the name of the image in a
variable "nom"

if I write

< dtml-var expr='images.'+nom+'.height' > the result is


(x0y0 is the name of my image,)

if I write

< dtml-var expr='images.x0y0.height' > the result is


ok, it's the height of my image

how to make to have the first sentence, but with the result is "275" ?


- - --
by AlainBB

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