[Zope] Dates off by one day

Kevin Carlson khcarlso at bellsouth.net
Sat Feb 25 13:23:48 EST 2006

Turns out that the times and timezones are the same on all machines.  In 
doing some other reading online I discovered an email where same thing 
was happening with PostgreSQL.  The other interesting thing is that 
MySQL DATE columns are displayed as one day earlier but MySQL DATETIME 
columns are displayed correctly (although before passing to strftime 
both return the same date in Zope).  Did the implementation of strftime 
change in regards to how it renders dates that are passed in different 



Andrew Milton wrote:

>+-------[ Kevin Carlson ]----------------------
>| Recently moved to a new server farm and am having a problem with dates 
>| from MySQL that are rendered using strftime.  The date in MySQL is 
>| correct (e.g. 2005-01-22) but if the date is rendered with strftime the 
>| date displayed is one day earlier (e.g., 2005-01-21).  MySQL and Zope 
>| are on separate servers as they were before the switch to the new 
>| servers but this didn't happen in the old environment.
>| Anyone have any thoughts on this?
>Sounds like something is applying a timezone transformation. Check the timezones on
>both the servers...

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