[Zope] product security changes from 2.8 to 2.8.5 ?

Ed Colmar ed at greengraphics.net
Mon Feb 27 18:20:11 EST 2006


I recently moved my zope product developed on a 2.8 server on to a 2.8.5 
server, and all of my python code is no longer being published out.

In the past I had been using a doc string  """ doc """ to make methods 
accessible.  I realize this is not the proper procedure, but it worked.  
Now, on the 2.8.5 server, all of these are refused. 

I've been going through and doing security.declarePublic('methodname') 
on everything I want to be public, but it does not appear to have any 

Are there any other changes that I need to make to my product in order 
to get back the functionality I had previously?

Am I even looking in the right place?

Thanks for any tips


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