[Zope] Squishdot on Zope 2.9.X with Python 2.4

Alec Mitchell apm13 at columbia.edu
Tue Feb 28 10:36:40 EST 2006

On Tuesday 28 February 2006 07:10, Dennis Allison wrote:
> OK, I'll do that.  My post was to learn whether I was walking into a mine
> field...

In my experience, unless you are using Zope 3 technologies in Zope 2 (via 
Five) there is very little difference from a Product development point of 
view between Zope 2.8 and 2.9.  Of course it's possible, but unlikely, that 
a product uses some no longer supported features from Python.  Also, the 
triggering of manager_after* hooks now happens through events in 2.9 which 
can have some unexpected consequences in certain cases. I, however, know 
nothing about Squishdot.


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