[Zope] product security changes from 2.8 to 2.8.5 - SOLVED

Ed Colmar ed at greengraphics.net
Tue Feb 28 15:33:52 EST 2006

hey All

It appears that I have solved it...

My process in moving over the product from the old server was to blame.  
Here's what I did:   export all of the zodb contents, and tarball the 
python product.  Then I imported the zodb contents into the new server, 
and un-tarred the product.  This resulted in the error of not finding 
the python methods, even though it appeard to be connected.

So, I added the product form the add menu, and copy/pasted the zodb 
contents, and now it's all happy.

For future refrence, is there a call to conenct this class back into the 
zodb filesystem after it has been moved to a new instance?

Thanks for all the help!


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