[Zope] Trying to trap ConflictError

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>> First, you should not - ever - catch a ConflictError. It is essential
>> for  ConflictErrors to be propagated to the ZPublisher.
> This seems to be an extremely 'user-unfriendly' approach.
> In my use case the error is being generated when an image object is being
> written to a temporary folder. If, for any reason, the image object is
> not able to be stored it would seem prudent to be able to handle this
> condition within the application software.

If you catch ConflictError then you have to perform conflict resolution on 
your own. But as Stefan wrote: you should *never* swallow ConflictErrors. I 
thionk there are one or two ZODB article available from zope.org explaining 
how to implement conflict resolution properly.


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