[Zope] Trying to trap ConflictError

dieter at handshake.de dieter at handshake.de
Wed Jul 5 14:28:44 EDT 2006

Jonathan wrote at 2006-7-4 13:46 -0400:
> ...
>The image objects stored in 
>TemporaryStorage are never overwritten, edited etc (which is causing me some 
>confusion as to why the conflict errors are occurring)

The error message tells your that the conflict is not caused by
the modification of the image but the container holding your image.

"BTreeFolder" already do conflict resolution -- and reduce the
conflict probability by about a factor of 30 to 100 (depending on type).

However, if several threads should try to add elements with the same
id, then the conflict resolution cannot work.
Maybe, that happens in your case?


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